My Many Reasons Why


Life's journey is filled with many hardships. We all have stories to tell, and some of us have scars to show. How we rise from the ashes of life, sometimes seems shadowed. GOD, my children & family have been my ROCK! After having a special needs child, and watching her struggle for years, 2 divorces, being a victim of domestic violence, my mom having cancer 3 times, my nephew's suicide, it all became very clear! Lessons learned through my journey have taught me grace & humility, passion & compassion, love & loss.

My kids, & grandbabies kept me young at heart, focused on love, and not my problems, and gave me a renewed hope for the future!

Finding the LOVE of my life at 50, was the last thing I expected! It has given me renewed hope in LOVE & LIFE!

Encouragement & Helping have always been my gifts, and I believe through my pain, I have found my purpose! I love to EMPOWER WOMEN to embrace their unique self! To rise above the hardest times, and BECOME a COMPLETE NATURAL WOMAN.

A COMPLETE NATURAL WOMAN, devoted to God & Family, Lives life, and not just exists! NO FLATLINERS HERE!...LOL. She embraces her values, femininity, allure, radiance, and style!


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